Welcome aboard, captain!

Driving a speed boat in Cancun is very easy and safe, our guides will explain the best way to drive our boats.

Navigate & Control Your Own Speedboat

Jungle Tour Adventure Marina is where your cruise and snorkeling boat tour begins. Our guides will teach you everything. They'll review safety and trip routes. It's time to board our speedboats! Before departure, our guides will teach navigation.

Start the engine of your speedboat!

The fun begins when we clear our marina. We will head south through the Nichupté Lagoon. When we cross under the bridge that goes to the airport, we will arrive at the national park in Punta Nizuc.

Snorkeling area

Mexico's Department of Natural Resources manages Punta Nizuc National Park, Mesoamerica's second-largest reef. Divers of all levels love "Punta Nizuc" in Cancun. Our guides will always accompany your "MUSA" reef visit.

Return to your starting point

The group will climb aboard their boats for the return trip to the marina after swimming. In the vastness of the lagoon, enjoy your speedboat. You may have become addicted to your speedboat at this point and want to do it all over again.

Speedboat operating instructions

To learn how to reduce the risk of accidents, read the following sections of this guide before operating your boat: If you are driving a speedboat for the first time, this information will help you and your passengers stay safe on your speedboat. Sailing safety rules on the water make sailing safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Zero accidents for you and all your passengers should be your goal. Remember that you are responsible for your own safety and the safety of your passengers. You will be sitting on a comfortable, padded bench situated in the center of the speedboat. You steer the wheel like a car and have a throttle on your side with three positions (forward, neutral, and reverse). The boat's hard fiberglass hull makes it stable and comfortable. This speed boat can't flip over or sink.


While operating a boat, do not use drugs or consume alcohol. Driving a boat, like driving a car, requires sobriety and focus. Keep an eye out. Attempting to operate a boat while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs is not only dangerous; it is also a federal crime in Mexico, punishable by prison. Using drugs and alcohol, alone or together, slows your reaction time, makes it harder to make good decisions, blurs your vision, and makes it harder to drive a boat safely.

How do you drive a speedboat?

The lever moves through two stages: the first lets you change gears, and the second lets you speed up. If the lever is in the forward position, the boat moves forward. If the lever is in the reverse position, the boat moves backward. To unlock the control lever from the neutral position, lift the lever handle and move the lever forward or backward. NOTE: Boat speed, load, current, and wind also play an important role in affecting braking distances. Warning: Do not use the boat’s reverse to stop. This can cause further engine damage.

Steering Wheel Control

The steering wheel controls the direction of the boat. The boat is steered to the right by turning the steering wheel clockwise and inversely.

Throttle / 3-position lever

1) Forward
2) Neutral or stop
3) Reverse.

Hand signals for speedboat tour you should know

When you drive your speed boat through the canals of the lagoon in Cancun, Mexico, you must know the hand signals that we use to communicate. The tour guide must be able to communicate with the boat driver using these signals. With hand signals, you will be able to communicate properly during your journey on the water. The passenger must repeat the hand signals to the other people in the group behind them. These are some of the hand signals for driving your speed boat that you should know about.

Arm up in circles

This means that you must accelerate by pressing the control stick down.

Move your hand up and down

It means you need to slow down by reversing the control lever.

Arm up

This means you have to stop the speedboat by placing the control lever in the center.

Arms up, opening and closing like applause

This means you should accelerate a little further to come closer to the speedboat in front of you.

Crossing your arms in front of your face indicates that you require assistance

you must repeat this sign until the tour guide sees it and returns to assist you.

Drive your own speedboat and be your own captain!

It's time to go. After learning to drive your speedboat, begin your experience by following your tour guide in a straight line, as if you were in a caravan. This is because you are unfamiliar with the waterways you will be navigating, and some parts of the lagoon have shallow seas.

Avoid collisions.

Maintain a space of at least 50 or 60 feet between your speedboat and the forward speedboat to avoid collisions.

You'll be driving through mangrove canals.

You must slow down because the speed limit is 4 knots or 8 kilometers when navigating through the mangrove canals, but you may view the wildlife of the Nichupté lagoon.

Avoid reckless maneuvers.

Breaking the caravan, driving in a zigzag, overtaking another speedboat, or changing speed unexpectedly are all prohibited to avoid accidents.

Arrival at the reef.

When you arrive at the reef, the group leader will halt the entire group to tie up their speedboats, then call each speedboat one by one to tie up.

Area for snorkeling.

When you enter the water, you will see many fish and corals from the great Mayan reef; also, if you are a good swimmer, you can swim to a part of the Punta Nizuc (MUSA) underwater sculptures; the tour guide will always be there to assist you.