Riding a speedboat inthe Nichupte lagoon

FAQS: Jungle Tour Adventure Cancun​

General FAQS

Without a doubt, Jet Ski tours and boat rentals are very popular, and we have a lot of people looking for fun and adventure during their vacation during the summer months. To avoid disappointment, you must make your reservation in advance.

You can schedule your activity, tour, or rental on our website and reserve your place; we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

We are located in front of the J. W. Marriot Hotel on the lagoon’s edge in Hotel Zone 14.5 km, in the Freds House restaurant’s parking lot. Outside the check-in office, you’ll see a white speedboat. Click here for a more precise location or comprehensive directions.

Our speedboat, jet ski adventure tours, and snorkeling tours do not require any prior expertise. Beginners are encouraged to participate. Before leaving on a tour, all participants will get instructions and an orientation.

Some of our tours and rentals have age restrictions:

Jet Ski Tours: No children under 10 years old. Participants from 10 to 17 years old must be accompanied by an adult on the same jet ski.

Maximum Jet Ski Weight Limit: 225 lbs. per person | 450 lbs. per jet ski.

Rides on speedboats – Minimum age: 3 years |Participants from 3 to 17 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the same boat.

All boat and jet ski drivers must be 18 years of age or older to drive.

The maximum weight limit for a speedboat is 260 lbs. per person and 530 lbs. per boat.

Snorkeling: children under 3 years old are not allowed, and this activity is not recommended for people with asthma and claustrophobia problems.

If the harbormaster deems him unfit to leave due to inclement weather, he will be fully refunded or rescheduled on a different day or time if he so desires. Only workers have the authority to confirm or cancel a tour or rental due to inclement weather. If someone does not show up for the tour at the appointed time, there will be no refund for the people or groups who did not show up. It can rain for a second in Cancun, and then the sun can shine twenty minutes later, so make sure you are on time and prepared to go.

  • passport or government-issued id 
  • Swimming suit (already have on)
  • Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, long-sleeve shirt or rash guard, biodegradable sunscreen, etc.)
  • Shoes that can get wet (flip flops or water shoes are fine)
  • Towel and change of clothes for after the excursion
  • camera (recommended only if waterproof)
  • Cash for tips & photo service.

Speedboats FAQS

For safety purposes, the minimum age required to drive a speedboat is 18 years old, and the minimum age required to board is 3 years old.

No problem! Our speedboats are very easy, safe, and fun to drive. Before you leave the dock, your tour guide will carefully explain how to drive the speedboat and give you all the safety procedures and signals. You just have to sit back and enjoy the view!

These boats can never capsize and are very safe. It’s easy to learn how to operate our speedboats. You may operate our speedboats without problem if you can drive a car safely.

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience. Our speedboats can reach speeds of up to 30 mph on average.

It is ilegal in Mexico to opérate a vessel or allow others to do so while under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or barbiturates. The Mexican Coastal Authority also enforces a federal law that prohibits boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Absolutely! You can switch drivers when we drive back from Punta Nizuc after snorkeling!

The fact that we will be driving on open water is part of the enjoyment of the Jungle Tour Adventure. Although these waters are usually calm, the harbor can get choppy at times, so we do not allow participants who are/have: 

Although the harbor is normally quiet, it might get stormy at times, hence we do not allow participants who are/have

  • Problems with the neck or back
  • Had surgery recently
  • Illness/heart disease
  • Asthma or claustrophobia (only for snorkeling activity).

There is a combined máximum total weight capacity of 530 pounds for each vessel. For the driver and all passengers, the combined weight cannot be exceeded.

The maximum recommended height to board a speedboat is 6.3 feet or 1.95 meters, and the maximum waist size is 51 inches or 130 cm.

For security reasons, our tour guides can take a maximum of 10 people per tour or up to 5 speedboats. If you have a group of more than 10 people, it will be divided into two or more groups based on the number of people.

Water activities are not affected by light rain; however, snorkeling activities are canceled for safety reasons when winds reach 20 knots or when the rain is particularly heavy.

Of course, you can simply select the Go Solo option.

Every one of our speedboats has a storage box behind the seat where you can keep your belongings dry and secure!

Jungle Tour Cancun speedboats, seating capacity: 2 to 4 people.

FAQs about speedboats and snorkeling in Cancun

The tour begins at the Jungle Tour Adventure Marina and lasts around 2 hours. After a 40-minute drive, you’ll arrive at Punta Nizuc National Park’s coral reef. For about 45 minutes, you will have the opportunity to snorkel and view a broad diversity of marine species. Then, through the Nichupté Lagoon’s canals, you’ll drive your speedboat back to the marina.

We recommend: a swimsuit; watershoes or sandals (flip-flops are fine); a towel; waterproof sunscreen; or, even better, a long-sleeved t-shirt. Sunglasses.

You don’t need to be an experienced swimmer to join and enjoy the snorkeling, as you will be wearing a life jacket and all of our guides will be in the water with you to assist you. Non-snorkelers and non-swimmers are free to relax onboard and enjoy the view.

FAQs about the Mangrove Speedboat Tour in Cancun

Wear comfortable clothes. Basically, anything you would wear to go to the beach is fine. Flip-flops, sneakers, or sandals are fine.

This adventure starts at Jungle Tour Adventure Marina and lasts around 1 hour and 30 minutes. You will go through the mangrove channels in the beautiful Nichupte lagoon, where you can admire the wildlife of the área.

FAQs about speedboat and snorkel at Plaza la Isla

The only difference between speedboat and snorkel and speedboat and snorkel from Plaza la Isla is the starting point; these activities last the same amount of time, include snorkeling, and return to the same location from where they started.

The two-hour cruise begins at the Plaza la Isla shopping center’s main pier. You’ll reach Punta Nizuc National Park’s coral reef after a 40-minute journey. You will get to snorkel for around 40 minutes and see a huge variety of aquatic life. You will then drive your speedboat back to the starting location via the Nichupte Lagoon’s canals.

Jet Ski FAQS

By law, you must be 18 years or older to drive a jet ski in Mexico. You can be up to 10 years old to participate as a passenger.

No experience is required to participate in our Jet Ski Cancun. Beginners are welcome. Instructions and orientation will be provided to all participants and drivers before departing on their jet ski. Our tour guides will also be there to help assist you during the tour when needed.

Please keep in mind that for our Jet Ski Adventures and Jet Ski Safaris, all drivers must be prepared to operate the Jet Ski’s at the same speeds as the tour guides and group, and can expect to be traveling at a minimum safe speed of around 35-45mph while on these tours.

Generally, you should bring a towel and a bathing suit. It is recommended that you wear your bathing suit prior to showing up for the tour. Some other things to consider are waterproof cameras, sunblock, sunglasses or swim goggles, and a small plastic bottle of water. It is not recommended to bring hats because they will not stay on during the tour. Sun tan lotion and glass beverage bottles are not permitted to be stored in our Jet Ski’s during the tour. We have dry-lockable storage on our floating docks at all 4 of our watersports locations, which is suitable for small amounts of belongings and towels for when you return from the tour.

Yes. As long as passengers are over the age of 18, they can take turns driving. switching with the help of one of our staff of local tour guides.

A rental is a limited area where you drive the jet skis at full speed. A tour is different and unique. We take you to points of interest within the Nichupté lagoon, and we enter the mangrove canals full of wildlife. always guided by one of our local tour guides.

It all depends on the jet ski rides you choose. Our regular jet ski rentals last 30 or 60 minutes, and our jet ski mangrove tour lasts 1 hour (which means driving time and being on the water).

Up to a maximum of 10 rental jet skis per tour depart at any one time. This is to ensure that groups can ask questions and hear what their tour guide has to say and wants to point out.

Our Jet Ski Rentals & Tours are considered high-speed guided tours (35+mph minimum traveling speeds), but in no way are they dangerous or unsafe at the speeds we travel at.

Our 4-stroke Sea Doo GTI models can travel up to speeds of 50mph while on tour! With that being said, there are many portions on the tour where we do have to slow down when entering bridges, narrow openings, shallow waters or during our stops.

The best way to describe if this adventure is right for you is: if you are looking for a slow-paced tour similar to what a tour boat or glass bottom boat would travel at (meaning under 20mph), then this is not the tour or adventure for you. Jet Skis are meant to be driven at speeds of around 35 mph or more for them to become fun, stable, and to turn correctly.

Yes, there are some restrictions for our Jet Ski Tours. Please see below for persons who may not be able to partake on our Jet Ski Adventures & Tours:

  • Women pregnant.
  • Children under 10 years old. (Parents should ensure that children 10 years and above can hold on to the driver’s life vest straps while sitting behind the driver in the passenger position)
  • Persons who have limited mobility.
  • Persons who have had any major surgeries or operations that could be affected by Jet Skiing activity or a high-speed ride (i.e. back, knee, leg, hip, shoulder, neck or arm injuries/surgeries should avoid this activity unless given the okay by your doctor/medical practitioner)
  • Persons who have or who have had any heart related issues or seizure related issues.
  • Persons who weigh 300lbs or more (due to safety reasons)
  • Persons who do not have the strength to pull themselves back up onto their Jet Ski in a deep-water boarding situation.
  • Persons 60 years or older should avoid jet skiing and this activity unless they are in great physical health and have consulted with their doctor first.
  • Persons must be able to hear properly and have good vision to operate a jet ski on tour. Hearing aids will get wet from minor splashing that can occur while driving or being on a jet ski, so please make sure that everyone in your party can hear properly without assistance or translating before signing up for these jet ski tours. Your safety and of others on tour is our top priority!
  • Persons must have the basic understanding of the English language. Jet Ski Drivers MUST be able to speak and understand the English language fluently, no translating permitted. A detailed verbal safety orientation is provided to everyone by our staff prior to the tour departing. Our tour guides will also need to communicate with you several times while out on tour too.
  • * Please note that all participants will need to fill out and sign a liability waiver and safety card prior to partaking on any of our Jet Ski tours.

The maximum weight limit (per person) allowed on a Jet Ski is 300lbs max. The reason for this is to ensure that you can get back up on the Jet Ski safely if you fall off or are in a deep-water boarding situation. Boarding a Jet Ski from the deep water can be very difficult for even persons 250lbs or over.

For double person Jet Ski’s or triple person Jet Ski’s, (meaning 2 persons on 1 Jet Ski or 1 adult and two small children on 1 triple Jet Ski), the maximum combined weight limit allowed is 450 lbs. This weight limit ensures that people can enjoy their Jet Ski adventure together and do not risk the constant battle of rolling over the ski and falling off over and over again, due to being over 450 lbs. maximum combined weight. Safety and fun are our top priority, and these weight restrictions ensure that all guests will have the maximum fun and adventure while on our Jet Ski tours. As a rule of thumb: The more passenger weight you add to a Jet Ski the harder it is for the driver to steer, control, and stay on the Jet Ski without tipping over or falling off into the water.

Beginners or persons who have not Jet Skied before or who haven’t Jet Skied for a very long time will have an easier and much better time and experience as a Single Jet Ski user – without any passengers, or as a double Jet Ski with a smaller and lighter passenger on the back only, like a child or young adult.

Persons with experience driving a Jet Ski or who feel comfortable with driving a Jet Ski should be fine with a passenger on the back of their jet ski as long as they do not exceed the maximum combined weight of 450 lbs.

FAQs about the Mangrove Jet Ski Tour

The Cancun Mangroves jet ski tour includes a guided tour through the channels of the Nichupté Lagoon. The usual thing is that we do it in a caravan of several jet skis that maintain a safe distance from the tour leader. Our certified guides will accompany you on their jet ski while you drive your jet ski. 

No. Jet skis are very easy to handle and comfortable to ride. Our certified guides provide a brief safety briefing before departure and are always around while we’re out on the water. Most of our customers are first-time jet ski riders.

Yes, it is by Mexican law that all rental jet skis are accompanied by a tour guide in Mexico. The guided tour, however, is a lot of fun and fast-paced, and most people who are skeptical at first come back saying it was better than if they had gone out on their own. Nobody knows our island and waterways like we do, and we know all the best places to take our guests. From a safety standpoint, Cancun is surrounded by coral reefs that lie right below the surface sometimes and are hard to see, so going on a tour with a tour guide will also ensure that you do not get into a situation and can just focus on having fun on the water while enjoying the gorgeous scenery and sites around you.

As much as we would like to say yes, due to changing weather/sea conditions and colder temperatures in the early parts of the year, sometimes we must alter the routes and courses of our Jet Ski Cancun so that our customers have the best overall experience. The tour descriptions and routes listed on our website are where we mostly take our tours when weather conditions are good, which in Cancun is almost all of the time.

What our wonderful clients says
Based on 999 reviews
Suresh Chandrasekaran
Suresh Chandrasekaran
1. January, 2024.
Great adventure . Awesome crew
Satish Vathare
Satish Vathare
1. January, 2024.
Wow! It was super awesome trip… con de mi familia… 😀 Our guide was Carlos and was so good and funny across the speedboat ride. He has provided detailed instructions and checked and taken care of the equipment properly which helped my snorkelling experience best ever. He also showed us beautiful colourful fishes, star fish, corals and iguana 🦎 too! Wow! What a trip experience it was.
yan wang
yan wang
29. December, 2023.
The actual content is basically same as it described beforehand. Two hours are very solid. Half an hour cross the lagoon and mangrove to the outside of Punta Nizuc. Then one hour snorkeling over a rope enclosed reef zone. The reef is a bit deserted but understandable, many other companies are also snorkeling at the same place.
Roland Lindner
Roland Lindner
25. December, 2023.
It was fun to ride the speed boats and we also enjoyed the snorkeling. All equipment was good and well maintained. The snorkel was new and wrapped in plastic. I recommend this activity and company.
Sakariya Vikas
Sakariya Vikas
24. December, 2023.
Amazing experience and the guide was really nice. Best photo by Aaron. Thank you guys for making it memorable.

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